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 RV, Party Bus and Limo Upholstery and Interiors                                       A.I.R. Upholstery, LLC

                                                                                                                                     Send photos Here of the Camper, RV, Bus
               Motor Home Upholstery Repairs                                                  or Limousine Interior...   (303) 972-2207
Motor Home
      The sleeper sofa seat of this motor home had broken springs.
Repaired RV Sofa Sleeper
      Sleeper Sofa has been repaired and re-installed - good as new.

Broken Springs and Spring Wire
    The seat is pulled and on the work table.
Loose No-Sag Seat springs
    No-Sag spring clips and wire have broken.
Removing the cushion cover
     Removing the upholstery from the base.
Sleeper Spring Frame
    Frame showing broken springs and wires.
Springs and Wire are Repaired
   Springs are clipped in with new spring wire.
New decking on spring frame
      New seat decking material is applied.
Cushion Cover is Re-upholstered
  Foam is placed onto frame and cover is set.
Sofa Sleeper is Re-Upholstered
     Re-upholstering the sofa cushion cover.
Sofa Sleeper Seat Cushion
  Sofa seat is repaired and ready to re-install.

    Custom Built-to-Fit Bus Bench Seats                                           Shuttle Bus Interiors and Repairs
Custom Bus Benches Installed
      Custom designed, constructed and upholstered dynamic bus bench seating.
Built-to-Fit Seating
   Raised seat inserts for comfort and durability.

Durable seat design and materials
     Close up of custom bus bench seat and back.

                                                                                                                  No matter your inspirations for a converted interior...
Interior Lighting, Audio and Video Installations                          We'll Help Make it a Reality!   (303) 972-2207
Final finishes of the bus conversion
     Last minutes of the interior conversion from shuttle bus to a new Party Bus.
Lights, audio and entertainment center
    Custom seating with built in console entertainment.

                                                                                      If you've given thought of changing your vehicle's interior, we can make
  Custom Designed Bus Interiors                                                          those ideas happen.  Contact Us   We can do it!
Nighttime with music and laser lights
   Custom Bus Interior with Seating for 22 Guests aboard
Open blinds for daytime viewing
       Sunshine filters through windows while we finish.
Finished bench bases with floor lighting
  Wet Bars, Seating, Flooring and Carpeted Entry Stairs.

       Automotive Upholstery                                       Vacation Motor Homes, Business Conversions, Big Rig Interiors and Upholstery.

     Bus Interiors, Conversions and Upholstery                 A.I.R. Upholstery                   (303) 972-2207
Before photo of airport shuttle bus
   Before photo of the shuttle bus.
It was like being in a tin can with windows
  Kinda like a tin can with windows.
Looks sad and lonely, don't they?
        Single seats- everywhere..
Before Bus Seats
            ...and then some!
The New Party Bus!
     It's back from the paint shop.
Interior painting, ceiling panels and lights
   Interior paint, ceiling and lights.
Built in back bench installed
       Wet Bar, Seats and Systems.
Laser Light Show
  A completed interior conversion.

  What started as an unwanted shuttle bus...                                                                                         We Are Affordable.
  Converted Interior through the services of Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery.
                  Our Work Is Guaranteed.
Truck, Van, Bus and Big Rig Customized Interior Restoration and Upholstery                                        • Our Services are Extensive.

     Boat Upholstery     Aircraft Upholstery     Restaurant Upholstery
                                                                                                                            Custom Made Automotive Bras, Cabinetry and
              RV, Motor Coach and Bus Custom Upholstery              Storage, Awnings and Repair. (303) 972-2207
Full Frontal Travel Bra
       A custom made Firan Motorhome front-end bra with snap-on installation.
Removable snap-on style
  Close up view of the installed front bra around wipers.

Secured and screened
   Sewn and enforced screen to protect the front grill.

                                                                                                             RV's, Motorhome, Vans, Bus Interiors, Conversions,
     Motor Vehicle Interior Restorations                                                        and Upholstery Services.    Contact Us
Re-upholstered Captain Chairs
   Refurbished Channeled Captain's Chairs with Coordinating Fabrics Throughout.
Motor home furniture upholstery
  Recreational Vehicle Furniture Re-Upholstery.

Cushion upholstery and wood protector covers
   Restored RV dining cushions with new foam.

       A.I.R. Upholstery                Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery               (303) 972-2207

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