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 A.I.R. Upholstery, LLC                                                              Where Boat Interiors are Restored...

Complete Boat Upholstery             Marine Carpet Installation                     (303) 972-2207
1991 MasterCraft ProStar 190
         ProStar 190 in for new boat carpet.
Original, worn and torn boat carpet
      Before photo of MasterCraft boat carpet.

    Original carpet was faded and threadbare.

      New boat carpet installation in process.
MasterCraft carpet is complete
          New carpet installed in the bow area.
New boat carpet and carpeted engine cover
  New carpet on the engine cover and gunwale.

Old carpet is removed and floor prepared
 Gunwales are removed for new carpet install.
Warped and curled rail frame
   Dry Rot and curled wood is on side frames.
Repairs are made to wood frame
 Frames repaired, sealed and re-upholstered.
Installing in tight workspace
    Carpet installed under structural support.
Carpet installation is complete and ready for seats
     New carpet is in, installation is complete.
Restored gunwale and side panels
    Restored boat gunwales are re-installed.

  •  Custom Cabin and Galley Furniture Upholstery and Interior Restoration.
                "Tara and I cannot be any happier with the A1 job on our boat.
  •  Custom Boat Covers Bimini Tops, Cockpit, Bow Covers and Repairs.                                                             It has given the old 1990 Mastercraft new life!
  •  Custom Swim Platform Covers and Teak Refinish or Replace.                                                                                  Thanks again you guys rock!!!!"
Custom Made Boat Cabinetry and Audio Installations.                                                                                                                          Matt

Restore the beauty of your boat with our custom upholstery and interior restoration workshop and repair services.
                                                                                                Send us photos of the work you need done on your boat HERE

Sun damaged vinyl on side rail
      Dry and cracked side wall vinyl on 19' Chaparral

View of repaired side rail
  View of the repaired side walls through the walk way.
Replaced burgany side rail
   Replacing only the damaged vinyl,  the upholstered side panels are restored.

          Boat Cushion Re-Upholstery                                                                         Email or call us at (303) 972-2207
Chaparral Interior Restoration
    Repaired torn seams on the convertible top.
Before Chaparral Engine Cover Cushion
   The engine cover with split seams and tape.
Before Chararral Bow Cushions
   The original bow cushions with cracked vinyl.
Wood rot damage from cushion board
             Damaged wood by mold and mildew.
New engine cover cushion
           Re-upholstered sundeck cushion.
New jump seat cushions
       Re-upholstered jump seat cushions.

   Boat Upholstery and Interior Restorations                                         We'll repair and replace dry rot wood to restore your boat.
   Camper, RV, Bus, Limo and Motorhome Gallery                                   Visit our Production Showcase for a 1999 Glastron Restoration

                                                                                               CLICK HERE to send pictures of your boat's interior issues for
Boat Flooring Repair                                                            upholstery suggestions, ideas and costs.
Complete removal of the old, uncovers an 'issue'
   Cutting out the old carpet - the blade sinks.
Water breakdown of the floor boards
     Fiberglass has broken from the structure.
      Rotted wood has caused flooring failure.
Wood rot and mold
       Wood Rot throughout the keel sub-floor.
Removal and restructuring the floor
  Structural floor shim to fiberglass structure.
The flooring is now secured
    Completed and framed keel floor support.

There was significant water damage
         Serious water damage was revealed.
We proceeded to repair all of the damaged wood
      The stowaway frame was rotted through.
Rotting wood on a boat is a serious matter!
     Deck surrounding ski locker with dry rot.
Rotted wood is removed
        Fiberglass and wood had to be cut away.
Wood is replaced
   New wood is shimmed to provide new frame.
Sealed and readied for fiberglass
          Repaired, sealed and ready for carpet.

Carpet is installed
  New boat carpet is laid on a now stable floor.
Repaired and carpeted bow section
        New carpet installed at the open bow.
Trimmed and detailed
   Carpet is complete and ready for the seats.

                                                                                    Send us pictures of any damaged areas on your boat seats, cushions, rails or
Boat Cushion Insert Replacement                                                     carpet for repairs or re-upholstery quotes HERE
Restored Bow Cushions
Re-upholstered bow cushions and replaced inserts made-to-match existing

View from the bow top
      Re-upholstered damaged sections of bow seats.
Chaparral Interior Restoration
       Chaparral in for interior repairs and restoration.

Damage Boat Seat
Cracked and peeling vinyl insert on the seats.
Seats on the Bench
   Both back-to-backs on the bench for repair.
Repaired Boat Seat
        Completed replacement of new insert.

AIR Upholstery                     Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery              (303) 972-2207

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