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      A.I.R. Upholstery, LLC                                                          Where re-upholstered furniture, becomes a work of art!

      Furniture Re-Upholstery                                                                     Contact Us or Call Us...    (303) 972-2207
Contrasting outside back and welt
   Coordinated application reveals the beauty and style of this Roll Arm Recliner.
Skirted Recliner
   Extended foot rest to show detail of front upholstery.

Coordinated welt on striped floral
      Coordinating Floral Brocade with Green Velour.

                                                                                              Send a picture or two of furniture that may be in consideration HERE.
             Deco Styled Furniture Re-Upholstery 
Multi-coordinated fabric application
       Amazing what can be done with black and white patterns and a wing chair!
Never know until it's tried
  We worked the patterns until we had the combination.

Upholstery in progress
If you can imagine it, we can upholster it for you!

            Wood Wing Rocker 
Original Wing Rocker
        Original Fully Upholstered Wood Trimmed Wing Rocker.
Re-upholstered Wood Wing Rocker
                           Re-Upholstered and Updated Wood Wing Rocker.

   Return to Home Page                                                                 Send us a picture of an upholstery project HERE for a free quote.

    Sofa Sets and Sectional Re-Upholstery                                            Or Call Us at (303) 972-2207 
Large scaled sectional
  Re-Upholstered super-sized loose back sectional with upholstered front band and base.
Bull-nose seats with knife-edged backs
  Bull-nose seat cushions with loose backs.

Large pattern repeat
           Super-sized large pattern repeat.

Have a vintage or antique you're thinking of restoring?
      Unique Furniture Restoration                                               CLICK HERE to contact us.
Antique folding daybed
    Unique Pieces, One-of-a-Kind, Vintage, European and Antique Furniture Restorations.
Awesome leopard pattern
   When an awesome fabric is found...  Wow!
Trimmed thoughout with fancy nails
     Restored wood trimmed in fancy nails.

Before shot of opened bed
The original mattress ticking.
After shot of the new bedding
New foam and mattress ticking.
Wood re-structuring
New wood enhances woodwork.
Completed Daybed Arm
A close-up of the finished arm.

Broken coil springs and frame
   Broken coil spring seat base unit.
Repaired daybed spring base
      Repaired 8-way hand tied coil springs.
Burlap on seat deck and arm
     Restoration complete and ready for upholstery.

Photo of Original Folding Day Bed
     Antique with worn hand carved with bamboo, tacks and burlap.
Re-Upholstered and Restored Day Bed

           The Finished Results of Quality Upholstery Craftsmanship!

                                                                                                              If you need in-home furniture repairs
vinyl and leather
            Furniture Repair Service                  furniture repair and restoration Click Here to contact us.
Leg style change
  New front legs added to this chair.
No matter what shape
   This is what someone else upholstered over...
Made with cheap wood and cardboard
      We never know whats under the fabric..
Dark mold found throughout the foam
    This back foam revealed mold...
We'll find and fix hidden issues
  We find No-sag springs and wire that is broken.
Stress crack in the construction of the frame
     We will find stress cracks in wood frames.

         No matter the upholstered piece...           • Moving Damages           • Pets Damage        Torn Seams             New Foam

        We service the upholstery needs of ALL things upholstered!                Call today for a free quote and yardage estimate.

    AIR Upholstery                       Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                  (303) 972-2207

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